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Full text of "Annual Evaluation Report Fiscal Year 1984"

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The following studies are under way:

Title of Study

Anticipated Completion

Nine State Case Studies of the Implemen-

------------------        ^,            .     L    _   ._         <>

tation of ECIA Chapter 2

December 1984
December 1984
July 1985

September 1985
November 1985

Report of OIG's Chapter 2 Systems Reviews
in Ten States

Syntheses of States' FY 1984 Chapter 2
Evaluation Reports

Uses of Chapter 2 Funds by SEAs and LEAs

A Study of Local Operations Under Chapter 2
of the Education Consolidation and
Improvement Act

Contacts for Further Information

Program operations: Allen J. King, (202) 245-7965,
Program studies: Carol Chelemer, (202) 245-9401.xamination of Criteria Used in the Distribution of Funds